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4 Safety Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

By on Jan 28, 2018 in CHILDREN |

Written By: Dr. Wegmann

Halloween is traditionally a night where kids dress up and go door-to-door asking for treats.   Originally Halloween started as a religious holiday called “All Saints’ Day”.  Today Halloween is vaguely defined and not tied tightly to any particular religion.  Regardless of your religious upbringing or participation in Halloween, keeping our kids safe on Halloween is very important.  At it’s least Halloween is devoted to pranks played by kids; at it’s worse Halloween can become dangerous.

Following are a few tips to help your little goblins steer clear of danger.

1. Find an alternative to traditional trick-or-treating.

Traditional trick-or-treating is going door to door and asking strangers for candy.  This is obviously the most popular tradition associated with Halloween.

Contact your local nursing home and find out if they are sponsoring a local trick-or-treat night. This has some major benefits. First it puts a smile on the faces of people who don’t have a lot of outside interaction, second is safer, and third if it’s raining you will not get wet.

Another incredible and safe alternative is to get involved with a trunk-or-treat.  What?  Never heard of a trunk-or-treat? Read on…

The following comes from Minister To Children

How To Do a Trunk or Treat at Church

First, make sure your church is on board with this. Some churches have Reformation parties, others have autumn events or a Fall Festival. As I said, I had never heard of Trunk or Treat before and can only assume it is a regional phenomenon–at the very least it has yet to hit the St. Louis area where I grew up.

Second, you will want to get enough trunks (cars) to make at least two aisles of cars in your parking lot. This will depend on the size of your parking lot, but I found that 6 or 7 cars in two aisles facing one another makes for a smoother operation. It keeps the children on your premises a bit longer and allows you to speak more with them and their families.

Third, provide hot dogs, chips and drinks. This is an extremely cost-effective way to keep the families around that much longer to be able to evangelize, invite and minister to them.

Fourth, have some games to play. They do not need to be big or involved games. The kids just need to be able to win more candy. You can also hand out gospel tracts as part of their winnings. Make sure that everyone wins every time!

Fifth, and finally, rent a bounce house. Inevitably, the church children are going to get bored. This will give them something to do during the festivities. The children from the community will not want to stick around too long because they want to hit as many houses as possible.

Be sure you have enough candy and make certain you have fun while doing this. Have fun and redeem the time for the Lord!

We were invited to a trunk-or-treat this year and plan on bringing our kids to one.

2.  If you and your child(ren) are out at night make sure if your child is wearing a mask they have enough peripheral vision to see.  When kids get excited they sometimes don’t make good choices.  This means they could see friends across the street and dart out without thinking or seeing a car coming.  Make sure you discuss this issue and cross streets only at the intersections.

3.  Never let your child go alone.  Go prepared. For less than the cost of a Disney DVD you can purchase the Motorola MicroTalk two-way radios.  These have a radius of about 1000-2000 feet and can be used to check locations and communicate if there is a problem.  They are fun and clip on to the kids clothing.  If you get separated or lost this could help immensely.  Second, everyone in your party should have a flashlight.  This helps you navigate at night and makes you more visible to motorist driving around, picking up and dropping off kids.

4.  Parents should check all treats, visibly inspecting candy for alterations and questionable packaging.  A good way to weed through the candy is to toss all candy that is not sealed from the factory.  Also limit the amount of candy a child eats in one night.  If you get tons of candy share it with friends who may not have had a chance to got out for Halloween.

Be safe. Have fun, and enjoy!