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Vitamin D Deficit May Trigger MS Risk Gene

By on Jan 28, 2018 in 21st Century Nutrition, CHILDREN, PREGNANCY |

Written By: Robert Preidt THURSDAY, Feb. 5 (HealthDay News) — A direct interaction between vitamin D and a common genetic variant may affect a person’s risk of multiple sclerosis, according to British and Canadian researchers who also said that vitamin D deficiency while in the womb and early in life may increase the risk of MS later in life. In the general...

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‘Love handles’ raise death risk

By on Jan 28, 2018 in 21st Century Nutrition, LIFE STYLE DESIGN, OBESITY |

Carrying extra fat around your middle dramatically increases your risk of early death, even if your overall weight is normal, say researchers. A study of almost 360,000 people from nine European countries found waist size a “powerful indicator” of risk. Each extra 2ins (5cm) raised the chance of early death by between 13% and 17%. The New England Journal of Medicine...

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9 Healthy Habits That Could Save Your Life

By on Jan 28, 2018 in 21st Century Nutrition, HEALTH AND WELLNESS, INSPIRING STORIES |

In fact, it’s been estimated that more than 90% of health problems that bring people into the doctor’s office are stress-related!  But while virtually all of us could benefit from adding healthy habits to our lifestyle, it’s harder to begin a new habit than it seems, especially when you’re already over scheduled and over-stressed! The following steps can help you...

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Cheat Sheet–12 Food Additives to Avoid

By on Jan 28, 2018 in 21st Century Nutrition, HEALTH AND WELLNESS, NUTRITION |

By Jean Weiss for MSN Health & Fitness Whoever coined the term food additives had it all wrong. Including something new in a food doesn’t always add up to more, at least when it comes to your health. Studies that test the safety of additives are based on animal trials. It is difficult to deduce whether the results of an animal study equate to human health,...

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America’s Worst Supermarket Foods

By on Jan 28, 2018 in 21st Century Nutrition, DIABETES, HEALTH AND WELLNESS |

Written By: David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding From the produce section to the frozen-food aisle, the modern-day market is loaded with 50,000 food choices, all vying for your hard-earned money. That’s why we created the Eat This, Not That! Supermarket Survival Guide, the brand-new follow-up to our national bestselling nutrition books that will help you cut through...

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1 in 5 Preschoolers are Obese

By on Jan 28, 2018 in 21st Century Nutrition, CHILDREN, OBESITY |

CHICAGO – A striking new study says almost 1 in 5 American 4-year-olds is obese, and the rate is alarmingly higher among American Indian children, with nearly a third of them obese. Overall, more than half a million 4-year-olds are obese, the study suggests. Obesity is more common in Hispanic and black youngsters, too, but the disparity is most startling in...

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10 Diseases Linked to Soda Pop

By on Jan 28, 2018 in 21st Century Nutrition, CANCER, DIABETES |

The number of Americans who consume products that contain sugar-free sweeteners grew from 70 million in 1987 to 160 million in 2000. At the same time, the incidence of obesity in the United States has doubled from 15 percent to 30 percent across all age groups, ethnic groups, and social strata. And the number of overweight Americans has increased from about 30...

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Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food

By on Jan 28, 2018 in 21st Century Nutrition, CANCER, HEALTH AND WELLNESS |

By Kaayla T. Daniel Issue 124: May/June 2004 Over the past decade, soy foods have become America’s favorite health food. Newspapers, magazines, and best-selling health writers have proclaimed the “joy of soy” and promoted the belief that soy food is the key to disease prevention and maximum longevity. The possibility that an inexpensive plant food could prevent...

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Antioxidant Showdown: Hershey’s Vs. An Apple

By on Jan 28, 2018 in 21st Century Nutrition, Baby Boomers, HEALTH AND WELLNESS |

By Laura Moncur I am just about sick of chocolate bar companies bragging about the antioxidant power of chocolate. I got a promotional email from Hershey’s and The Best Life. Let’s look at the nutrition facts for the candy bar, shall we? What about those magical antioxidant properties of chocolate? The most important antioxidants are beta carotene (provitamin A),...

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