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Everything is Amazing & Nobody is Happy (Video)

Everything is Amazing & Nobody is Happy (Video)

By on Jan 28, 2018 in FEATURE |

There are 3 things you will need to “re-form” in your life in order to maximize your ability to “re-form” your body.

RE-FORM Your Focus: Most people focus on what’s wrong in their life and in the world, what’s missing, and what they DON’T want to happen. Re-form your focus onto the opposite three things; What’s RIGHT in your life and the world, what you HAVE to be grateful for, and what you WANT to see happen. This creates positive emotions and HEALING, CONSTRUCTIVE biochemistry to help re-form your cells and therefore your body.

RE-FORM Your Lifestyle: A healthy lifestyle includes two crucial aspects. It both minimizes poisons, and maximizes nutrients and everything else your cells need to function optimally. Re-forming your lifestyle will help you re-form your body, cell by cell, tissue by tissue, and organ by organ.

RE-FORM The Neurological Connections Between Your Brain and Body: In order for the Innate Intelligence that runs your body to be able to properly identify when cells need to be replaced and correctly replace them, you require a clear connection in the nerves between your brain and all the cells of your body. Because of the numerous intricate connections between your nerve system and your spine, maintaining a clear brain-body connection requires an aligned and fully functioning spine! Because your nerve system is the master control system of your body, re-forming and maintaining your spinal function and neural connections is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of helping your body consistently re-form itself correctly.

You can do the first two of the three things listed above all by yourself, and they will definitely contribute to helping you achieve the third. But, the likelihood of totally re-forming and then maintaining your spinal function and neural connections on your own is not very good. But, you need not worry because that is EXACTLY what regular chiropractic care does for you! And, by re-forming your focus and lifestyle, and seeing your chiropractor every week or two to re-form and maintain your brain-body connection, you can continuously re-form your body without ever worrying again about what the government is doing with healthcare reform!

Source: Dr. Kevin Donka